We at Ekoltech spol. s r. o. are emphasizing responsible approaches to the environment. We document individual strategic approaches to improve the environment in the Environmental Policy, the Company’s Energy Policy and in the Action plan for Reducing Energy Consumption and Environmental Impacts. In the company, we use the most modern technologies and procedures with minimal impact on the environment.

A waste management system is in place in the production facility, thus ensuring proper sorting and waste management. Water-based paints with a low content of volatile organic compounds are used on the surface treatment lines.

Wastewater is treated in our own wastewater treatment plant (WWTP – wastewater treatment plant). The fact that we have a precise set up of the cleaning process in the WWTP is documented by the quarterly laboratory test results from an accredited laboratory.

Ekoltech has set the following environmental goals:

  • to ensure environmental management is in accordance with current legislation
  • to reduce the amount of water consumed
  • to constantly increase the percentage of recycled waste
  • to gradually implement the use of electricity from 100% renewable sources
  • to replace existing refrigerants with “Climate Neutral” green refrigerants

Ekoltech is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and therefore strives to reduce its environmental burden and monitors environmental aspects throughout the production process. Our permanent goal is to reduce the burden on the environment and thus improve the environment not only for our employees but also for the citizens of the surrounding community.