Quality department

Quality department

The quality of production is currently a decisive phenomenon in business. It is not only the basis of commercial success in the market, but also the bearer of the overall business prosperity, because at present only quality can guarantee the economically efficient sale of products in competitively demanding markets.

Our goals are “Meeting customer requirements” and “Exceeding our customers’ expectations”!

Quality requirements are rising worldwide, therefore it is necessary to constantly increase the demands on quality management. For this reason, we try to use the quality management system (SQM) which is focusing on guiding the management of the organization with regard to quality and everything that causes continuous improvement and ensuring the requirements and needs of the customer.

That is why we monitor external data obtained from our customers such as COPQ (Cost of pure quality), which is defined as the cost of poor quality that would disappear if the systems and processes for the products were perfect.

We internally monitor KPIs (Key performance indicators) which are key indicators for the quality department such as failures, repairs and the associated costs.

Using the obtained data, we can analyse the error rate on products and subsequently improve all the processes that cause or might cause the mentioned error rate.

We constantly evaluate the risk of shipping a nonconforming product to the customer.

The quality department constantly evaluates the risks in the production process and tries to eliminate them.