Powder coating

Powder coating

The powder coating process uses a revolutionary technology of applying electrostatically adhesive powder paint grains to a preheated semi-hard wooden fiberboard (hereinafter referred to as MDF). The result of this process is a reliable, durable and high-quality surface treatment.

This technology has existed and is being improved for more than 10 years led by pioneers such as Ledro and Polylak.

Powder paint is a mixture of synthetic resin and plastic which means that the furniture part is preserved in a hard, durable varnish layer. This varnish is very resistant to mechanical damages – scratches, it is resistant to moisture and is abrasion resistant.

The basic advantages of powder coating include:

  • absence of harmful substances to health and environment (does not contain volatile organic compounds or thinners, does not contain toxic impurities and heavy metals)
  • minimum amount of waste, up to 98% recovery of paint recycling
  • economic profitability

The technological process of painting can be divided into 3 basic parts, namely:

  1. MDF preheating (better conductivity)
  2. powder spraying (WAGNER spray line)
  3. melting of paint in VULCAN catalytic ovens

Our WAGNER application system is one of the absolute world leaders among powder coating lines. The fully automated system uses adjustable guns for even application of powder coating on all MDF surfaces and edges.

The powder paint is then cured at high temperatures up to 160 ° C. VULCAN infrared catalytic ovens provide high-quality infrared radiation for a fast rise of the required temperature. High temperatures melt the powder and start the merging of powder paint grains and subsequent curing on the MDF. This thermal reaction ensures a durable and high-quality surface treatment.

To achieve the required quality, one layer is enough, a maximum of two layers of paint by which we achieve a surface with excellent resistance and durability. Various forms and shapes can be painted, even the most complicated ones, which is especially welcomed by furniture designers.

Powder coating technology ensures that the furniture is durable and resistant. Powder coating is probably the future of all kind of surface treatments of MDF.

The company Ekoltech spol. s r. o. by launching the powder coating line has become one of the world units in the field of surface treatment for MDF.